IndustriesApril 16, 2019

Helping Lawyers Keep Their Payments Secure

With all the technological developments that the payment industry has made in recent years, there is no reason that lawyers should still be using outdated methods for accepting payments. In addition to being inefficient, traditional payment methods are often unsecure as well, and many homegrown or independent technology solutions do not meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards.

Along with cash and checks, credit card authorization forms pose a significant security risk, as they can be stolen, misplaced, or viewed by the wrong eyes. As any good lawyer could tell you, having your clients’ credit card information stolen can be a big liability issue. In addition, all benefits of computer based data analysis and tracking are lost, or at least hindered, by any non-digital form of payment, and in a data-driven age this is information that can be quite valuable.

While QuickBooks and PayPal are safer options than credit card authorization forms, cash, and checks, they too have their drawbacks. Since these systems do not offer customizable payment pages, the use of PayPal or QuickBooks risks making a legal practice look unprofessional and sacrifices a dimension of brand cohesiveness. These options also lack additional features, such as two-factor authentication, auto or manual charge options, and early pay discount options.

In addition to being completely PCI compliant, PaidYET uses individual payment links that can be privately and securely sent to clients. These payment links are customizable, and give lawyers the ability to keep their clients information secure and maintain a brand presence. The client experience is simple and elegant, and the lawyer has the ability to track payment information with a beautiful dashboard. PaidYET is a modern option for the contemporary lawyer.

Practice PCI compliance and give yourself and your clients an efficient and secure payment experience. Have you been PaidYET?

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