Today, about 76% of businesses and consumers love the convenience of paying online. Your software needs to take payments. Integrated payments are the idea of combining your payments with software. This is a guide to integrated SaaS payment processing.

What does not having payment processing entail for business owners? Keeping financial records organized becomes increasingly difficult. Also, you must take extra steps to ensure that you handle your money appropriately. You can avoid these issues by working with integrated payment processing as a software business owner.

The benefits of integrated payment processing are wide. If you are a business owner, offering a variety of convenient payment options will keep your customers happy. You can provide a satisfying customer experience by integrating your payment processing into your point-of-sale system. This will make it simple for the cardholder to pay for your products or services, as well as easy for you to track your revenue.

You will receive the customer’s order or payment during the process, whether in person or online. Following that, the software will securely accept the credit card information, and PaidYET will process the payment. Once the sales process occurs, payments are automatically posted in the admin user dashboard for you to see, showing transaction history in real-time.

Security is one of the most difficult challenges for businesses. Keeping cardholder sensitive information is a high priority. A secure payment gateway like PaidYET strives to stay one step ahead of fraudulent transaction to keep you safe. Every merchant can access your advanced fraud prevention tools within their dashboard while leveraging our PCI Certification to get up and running fast and ensure the security of your data.

You should have a better idea if integrated payment processing is right for your software company after this overview on what it is and how it will help. From retail to eCommerce. While keeping your customers happy, your SaaS can benefit as well.

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