The base url for the sandbox api is:

The sandbox is almost identical to production. The main differences between the two systems is outlined below.

Full REST API documentation here.

For a sandbox account please send a request to

The PaidYET sandbox does not process live transactions. For this reason we do not pass any credit card data to any of the credit card settlement platforms. All transactions will be processed using our “Mock” processor. This processor has been created to work with the “Test Cards” that are noted below. All other cards will produce and “Invalid Card” error. We do not store any credit card data on “Invalid Cards” and do not keep logs of any of the invalid attempts created. This is due to the strict PCI DSS rules regarding storage of credit card data. 

The sandbox environment is not intended to send emails to external email accounts. The sandbox should not be used for spamming purposes or to test email receipts. The email receipts that are sent from the sandbox environment are not sent using the same production email system. These emails are sent using a lower volume emailing platform and therefore will differ slightly from production emails.