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WebWorkz has partnered with PaidYET to help merchants get paid quickly, securely, and easily. PaidYET is paperless, swipeless, and effortless.

Make it easy for customers to pay… and they will. Setup a PaidYET custom payment link and email it, text it, or include it when sending invoices. You can request payment or card on file. Once they enter their card PaidYET encrypts data, masks it permanently, and securely processes the payment. Merchants and cardholders get instant email/text receipts and deposits are sent immediately.

Paperless. Swipeless. Effortless.

All Features and Tools Included.

Rates subject to application approval. All transactions are subject to payment card association guidelines. Terms, conditions, and fees are subject to change without notice. Other fees, details, terms and conditions as outlined in the Merchant Processing Agreement, application, and other documentation may apply.

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