No Hardware, No Software,

No Developer Needed.

Request payment or request card on file.
Customer enters payment info.
PaidYET secures & processes payment.
Get instant email/text receipts.

Payments Anywhere

Out-Of-The-Box Ready

Use with any invoicing system or no invoice system. Add your company’s link to an email, text, or post (
Personalized payment page, contacts lists, and dashboard.

Cards On File

Automatic Recurring Billing with Encrypted Tokens.
Set reminders, offer discounts, schedule payments, track payment requests, manage deposits. Let cardholders pay on their time or manually charge cards upon amounts due.

For the Tech in You

{Optional Integration}

There’s never been a better time to integrate payment technology. Get your business ready for the next generation of payments with
PaidYET’s cloud-based payment link engine.

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