PaidYET Error codes

70002Error - Call Issuing Bank Special
Conditions (T02)
Tsys Error Code 02
70003Invalid Terminal ID / Merchant ID
Tsys Error Code 03
70004Hold Call - Pick up Card (T04)Tsys Error Code 04
70005Declined Do Not Honor Card (T05)Tsys Decline Code 05
70006Tsys General Error XXXX (T06)Tsys Error Code 06
70007Hold Call - Pick up Card Special
Tsys Error Code 07
70012Error - Invalid Transaction (T12)Tsys Error Code 12
700133 Invalid Transaction Amount (T13)Tsys Error Code 13
70014Error - Invalid Card Number (T14)Tsys Error Code 14
70015No Such Issuer Exists (T15)Tsys Error Code 15
70019Please Re-try Transaction (T19)Tsys Error Code 19
70021No Action Taken - Unable to Back
Out Transaction (T21)
Tsys Error Code 21
70028No Reply - File is Unavailable (T28)Tsys Error Code 28
70039No Credit Card Account Found
Tsys Decline Code 39
70041Hold Card - Lost Card (T41)Tsys Error Code 41
70043Hold Card - Stolen Card (T43)Tsys Error Code 43
70051Insufficient Funds on Card (T51)Tsys Decline Code 51
70052No Checking Account Found (T52)Tsys Decline Code 52
70053No Savings Account Found (T53)Tsys Decline Code 53
70054Expired Card (T54)Tsys Error Code 54
70055Incorrect PIN (T55)Tsys Error Code 55
70057Transaction is Not Permitted (T57) Tsys Decline Code 57
70058Transaction is Not Permitted (T58)Tsys Decline Code 58
70061Exceeds Withdrawal Limit (T61)Tsys Decline Code 61
70062Invalid Service Code (T62) Tsys Decline Code 62
70063Security Violation (T63)Tsys Error Code 63
70065Activity Limit Exceeded (T65)Tsys Decline Code 65
70075PIN Tries Exceeded (T75)Tsys Decline Code 75
70076Unable to Reverse, No Match
Found (T76)
Tsys Error Code 76
70077No Action - Invalid Data Sent (T77)Tsys Error Code 77
70078No Account for Processing (T78)Tsys Error Code 78
70079Already Reserved (T79)Tsys Error Code 79
70080Invalid Date (T80)Tsys Error Code 80
70081Cryptographic Error (T81)Tsys Error Code 81
70082Error - Cash Back Limit Exceeded
Tsys Error Code 82
70083Can't Verify PIN (T83)Tsys Error Code 83
70085Card OK - No Reason to decline
Tsys Approval Code 85
70086Can't Verify PIN (T86) Tsys Error Code 86
70091No Reply - Issuer or Switch
Unavailable (T91)
Tsys Error Code 91
70092Invalid Routing to Account (T92) TTsys Error Code 92
70093Violation Cannot Complete (T93)Tsys Decline Code 93
70094Duplicate Trans. Unable to Locate
Tsys Decline Code 94
70096Tsys Processor Down Temporarily,
Please Retry (T96)
Tsys Error Code 96
70127Card Declined (T)Hard decline from Tsys
70128Processor Error ([response])Unknown response code from Tsys
76786Card Type Verification Error (T CV)Tsys response code CV: card type verification error
76965Error - Account Length Error (TEA)Tsys Error Code EA
77286Invalid Merchant Account
Configuration (T HV)
Tsys response code HV: Hierarchy Verification Error
77851Error - Cash Back Not Allowed
Tsys Error Code N3
77852Insufficient Funds on Card (TN4)Tsys Decline Code N4
77855Invalid CVV2 Number (TN7)Tsys Decline Code N7
78248Customer Requested Stop on
Recurring (TR0)
Tsys Decline Code R0
78249Customer Requested Stop on
Recurring (TR1)
Tsys Decline Code R1
78448Check is OK but Can't Be
Converted (TT0)
Tsys Decline Code T0
78449Check of OK but Can't Be
Converted (TT1)
Tsys Decline Code T1
78450Invalid Routing Number (TT2)Tsys Error Code T2
78451Amount Exceeds Customer's
Balance (TT3)
Tsys Decline Code T3
78452Unpaid Items on Customers
Account (TT4)
Tsys Decline Code T4
78453Duplicate Check Number Detected
Tsys Decline Code T5
78454MICR Error (TT6)Tsys Error Code T6
78455Too Many Checks Over Customer
or Merchant Limit (TT7)
Tsys Error Code T7
79001Invalid merchant platform settings
The merchant platform information for TSYS contains missing or
invalid information. Contact customer service to correct.
79002Error communicating with
processor, please retry
Connection was dropped will communicating with Tsys

AVS Responses

AStreet Address Match. First 5 digits of ZIP do not match
BAddress not provided for AVS. Postal code could not be verified
EAVS Error
GNon U.S. Card does not support AVS
NStreet Address does not match. First 5 digits of Zip do not match.
PAVS is not applicable
RRetry, System not available
SAVS not supported by Card Issuing bank
UAddress Information for this Cardholder is not available
WStreet Address does not match but all 9 digits of the zip match.
XStreet Address Matches and All 9 digits of zip match.
YStreet Address Matches and first 5 digits of Zip match.
ZStreet Address does not match but First 5 digits of zip match.