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Have you been paid yet? Why not? Probably because you are a remote merchant. We’re not talking about in-store or shopping cart payments… those are easy. We’re talking about businesses that traditionally send bills or invoices, take orders over the phone, key-in account numbers, collect rent or deposits, and who, in many cases, have to wait to get paid. In fact, U.S. small businesses have a combined $1+ Trillion in outstanding payments due at any given moment. Ouch.

40+ years ago Visa and MasterCard created electronic transactions. With just a swipe of a card businesses got paid. It was simple, secure and reliable. Today, as technology advances the way we buy and sell, new challenges have emerged: Security Risks, Product Complexities, and Cumbersome Processes. So, while tens of millions of dollars are getting poured into innovative solutions for retailers and ecommerce platforms, remote merchants continue to see their unique requirements ignored. Until now.

Never See, Touch, Or Store Credit Card Numbers Again.


No Hardware, No Software, No Developer Needed.

Getting paid fast is amazing

ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal, Venmo, BitCoin and the thousands of crypto-pseudo-currencies popping up daily are cool, but none address the underlying problem. Thus, what started out as a basic link to help one client get paid, has evolved into one of the most impactful technology platforms in the history of the payments industry. PaidYET’s platform is the first system to automate and secure card-on-file payments for both merchants and cardholders. We make it easy for Remote Merchants to get paid, or more precisely, we make it easy for their customers to pay them.

With PaidYET’s state-of-the-art technology businesses can turn outstanding invoices into same-day-payments, achieve 100% collections, and reduce overall costs, all while never having to see, touch, or store card numbers. We’ve designed PaidYET to specifically include the features that Remote Merchants want and need to successfully operate their businesses and get paid: instant payment links, automatic payment reminders, fast-pay discounts, payment plan options, any-invoice compatibility, instant email/text receipts, and more. Paperless, swipeless, effortless.

Stop chasing your money. Let the money chase you. Share your payment link and get paid!


We believe in innovation, imagination, creativity, and big dreams. We strive for excellence but are not afraid to make mistakes. We listen to our customers and we work hard to address their actual everyday business challenges. We have fun working and hope our passion shows. We believe individual effort is the cornerstone of success and teamwork is the essence of achieving greatness.

When we began and as we continue expanding, our focus is to deliver a high quality product with value added features and exceptional customer service in order to make it easier, faster, and more secure for businesses to get paid and customers to make a payment.

“He that is well paid is well satisfied.”
~ William Shakespeare

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