Credit Card Processing for Collections

Collection agencies, no matter the size, are a significant industry that can benefit from a user-friendly, fully-integrated system that allows customers to pay quickly and securely via an online payment portal.

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Benefit in more ways than one

Secure Payments

Encrypted, PCI Compliant payments in-person, online, and on mobile with a custom, permanent payment link.

Manage Payments

Manage cards on file, get detailed transaction information, and refund payments with easy-to-use features.

Integrate Payments

Between our RESTful API and JS Widgets, our payment platform can be integrated into any application or website.

No Hardware, No Software,
No Developer Needed.

Out-Of-The-Box Ready

Turn ANY Invoice Into an payable e-Invoice, manage payments and cards-on-file, and generate instant email & SMS receipts – all from within your personalized PaidYET dashboard.

From within your point-and-click dashboard you have option to enable automatic recurring billing with encrypted tokens, set reminders, offer discounts, schedule payments, track payment requests, and even manage deposits. Let cardholders pay on their time or manually charge cards upon amounts due.

Take Payments to the Next Level

With our secure PCI compliant platform merchants get a custom payment link that can be emailed, shared, or linked on to any invoice or web portal. PaidYET handles all the security compliance so no complicated PCI, no SSL needed, and no hassles.

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