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Tips to Improve Your Accounts Receivable Collection

Even with steady sales and growth, if your company has continual cash flow issues due to lack of accounts receivable management, that could slow or stop your company's growth. Nearly one-third of businesses find that they are unable to pay vendors, unable to make loan...

How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams

What is Phishing? Phishing is the cute, nautical-sounding term for what is actually quite a serious problem. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), phishing is defined as the situation in which “internet fraudsters impersonate a business to trick you into...

PCI Security Standards: 9 Best Practices

PaidYET is completely compliant with PCI SCC data security standards so that in addition to the convenience of payment links and integrated invoicing capabilities, merchants can relax knowing their virtual point of sale solution is secure. In addition to using PaidYET, here are 9 of the PCI SCC’s best practices.

Helping Lawyers Keep Their Payments Secure

With all the technological developments that the payment industry has made in recent years, there is no reason that lawyers should still be using outdated methods for accepting payments. In addition to being inefficient, traditional payment methods are often unsecure...

Make Paying Invoices Easy For Clients

A big part of running a successful business is making sure the payment of an invoice is as easy as possible for your client. When you make the payment process longer or more complicated than it need be, your cash flow suffers and the relationship between you and your...

How Late Payment Impact Small Businesses

Late payments cost small and mid-sized businesses as much as $3 trillion globally, according to a new economic report from Sage. With 1 in 10 invoices failing to be paid on time, the study reports up to 10% of payments are either never paid or paid so late that...

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