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What is PaidYET?

PaidYET is a Payment Link Engine built from the ground up with one idea in mind: Simplicity. With our secure PCI compliant platform merchants get a custom payment link that can be emailed, shared, or linked on to any invoice or web portal. PaidYET handles all the security compliance so no complicated PCI, no SSL needed, and no hassles. Claim your payment page today to get started.

What our users say

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I love that it is secure and allows me to keep track of customers who forget to pay. I usually put my customers credit cards on file so that I know I can at least count on receiving my retainer in full.
Lain M.

Email & text payment requests, low fees, simple registration, security, recurring billing, ACH processing. PaidYET has got it all. All you need for your cloud accounting.
Lesa W.

It was a fast and efficient way to process a payment! The ease of use was great and it allowed me to get a receipt of the trans to my email. I would recommend the service!
Gina T.

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